Breaking: ISIS Beheads Iraqi Priest Polous Yacoub

ISIS Beheads Iraqi Priest in Mosul
Iraqi Christians who fled the violence in the village of Qaraqush, about 30 kilometres east of the northern province of Nineveh, rest upon their arrival at the Saint-Joseph church in the Kurdish city of Arbil, in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region, on August 7, 2014. (AFP – Al Alam)

ISIS reportedly beheaded Father Polous Yacoub in Iraq after holding him hostage for seven months.
AhlulBayt News Agency reported:

According to locals and eye witnesses, ISIS beheads an Iraqi priest who captured him 7 month ago.

Local says ISIS militants announced beheading of priest Polous Yacoub is done by group sharia court’s order.

Beheading is done in one of eastern neighborhood of Mosul.

According to Wall Street Journal, after many ISIS violence against Christians, hundreds of Christian men are picking up rifles for the first time at a Manila Training Center- former U.S. military facility in the hills of northeast Iraq – and training to reclaim their towns from ISIS militants who stormed the country last year.

church iraq cross ISIS
ISIS terrorists have removed the crosses from thirty churches in Mosul, Iraq. The Islamist group converted the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral in Mosul into a mosque.

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