Boehner Ally Blasts Conservatives as ‘Caring More about Careers than Protecting US from ISIS’

boehner cries

House allies of Speaker John Boehner are blasting conservative Republican House Members for voting against bills to fund the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to block President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty for illegal aliens.

One Republican accused conservatives of being “more worried about protecting their own careers than protecting their constituents from ISIL” (aka ISIS or the Islamic State).

Another Boehner ally made childish taunts accusing conservatives of “playing fantasy football with their voting cards.”


Politico quoted an anonymous Boehner ally accusing conservatives of aiding ISIS in an article about Boehner supporters’ fear of a coup attempt over the DHS funding bill.

““Some of these 52 [Republican who voted no] are more worried about protecting their own careers than protecting their constituents from ISIL. They are more worried about primaries than they are about the country,” said a GOP lawmaker close to Boehner, using an acronym for the Islamic State. “This is all aimed at Boehner. They want to take Boehner out.””

The National Journal quoted Rep. Devin Nunes (R-California) taking a veiled shot at conservative Members meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to discuss strategy at Capitol Hill venues:

“”I prefer to be in the arena voting than trying to placate a small group of phony conservative Members who have no credible policy proposals and no political strategy to stop Obama’s lawlessness,” said Rep. Devin Nunes, a close ally of the speaker. “While conservative leaders are trying to move the ball up the field, these other Members sit in exotic places like basements of Mexican restaurants and upper levels of House office buildings, seemingly unaware that they can’t advance conservatism by playing fantasy football with their voting cards.””

As The Gateway Pundit reported in early January, a poll of Republican voters showed that enabling Obama’s executive amnesty could destroy the GOP.

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