Another Lie… Brian Williams Said He Was Flying With Israeli 4 Star General …(Israel Does Not Have 4 Star Generals)

Lt. General Thomas McInerney told Sean Hannity tonight that Brian Williams also lied about flying with an Israeli Four Star General in Israel.

In 2008 Brian Williams told a Jon Stewart on Comedy Central that he was almost hit by a Katyusha rocket while covering the 2006 Israeli War with Hezbollah.

“We’ve got the gunner doors on this thing. And I’m saying to the general, some four star, so if we’re at 1,500 feet it wouldn’t really take much for them to just adjust the aim and try to do ring toss right through our open doors would it? But, they’re firing real bullets over there. Any time you want to cross over to the other side, baby, travel with me.”

But Lt. General McInerney told Hannity that this was also a lie because the Israelis do not have four star generals.


Via Hannity:

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