Another Lie… Brian Williams Exaggerated Claim He Was Nearly Hit By Katyusha Rocket (Video)

NBC News anchor Brian Williams likely exaggerated another helicopter story.
The liberal reporter said he was nearly hit by a Katyusha rocket while in Israel.

I’ve been very lucky to have survived a few things that I’ve been involved in. At a reception a few minutes ago, I was remembering something I tend to forget, the war with Hezbollah in Israel, a few years back, where there were Katyusha rockets passing just underneath the helicopter I was riding in. A few years before that you go back to Iraq and I looked down the tube of an RPG that had been fired at us and it hit the chopper in front of ours. And I’m so fortunate to be sitting here.

But the closest rocket fire at the time was six miles away.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams became the subject of controversy last week when he acknowledged that he never came under enemy fire while reporting on the Iraq war over a decade ago, as he had previously claimed.

Now Williams’ recollections of his experience covering the Second Lebanon War in 2006 are drawing scrutiny.

According to The Washington Post, Williams “gave varying accounts” of his wartime coverage, at times suggesting that he was in danger while in other instances omitting mention completely.

In 2007, Williams told a college news station in Connecticut that “there were Katyusha rockets passing just underneath the helicopter I was riding in.”

Yet, as The Washington Post noted, Williams did not mention the rocket in an account he posted on his NBC News blog months earlier.

Instead, he reported “witnessing a rocket launch” from “a distance of six miles,” a far cry from his earlier claim that the rockets were “just beneath” the helicopter in which he was riding.

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