Latest Brian Williams Lie: I Got the Runs Drinking Katrina Water

NBC anchor Brian Williams repeatedly lied about taking fire on a helicopter in Iraq.
He also lied about seeing dead bodies float past his hotel in New Orleans while covering Katrina. And the far left anchor added that he got dysentery from drinking floodwater.

Williams was staying in the French Quarter which was not flooded after the Katrina hurricane.
Page Six reported:

More heroic tales of Brian Williams‘ adventures in journalism are being questioned.

The NBC news anchor, who apologized Wednesday for telling a false story about taking fire in a helicopter while covering Iraq, is being called out for possibly lying about his experience covering Hurricane Katrina, according to a report.

Williams claimed to have gotten dysentery from drinking floodwater and seeing dead bodies float past his hotel in the New Orleans French Quarter while covering Hurricane Katrina.

However, the The New Orleans Advocate noted that the French Quarter was not flooded and quoted a local health expert who did not recall anyone getting such a stomach ailment.

Williams recalled his bout with the bug in an interview with Tom Brokaw last year, when he said: “I accidentally ingested some of the floodwater. I became very sick with dysentery.”

Actor James Woods asks the important question:

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