Alleged Terrorist Says He Was Really at Muslim Singles Site Looking for Dates

Acused terrorist Abid Naseer says he was really trolling “” looking for a wife. He was using a woman’s name when he was arrested on terrorism charges.

That’s weird?
abid naseer
Why would Naseer be on a Muslim dating site if he was an Islamist terrorist?
Everyone knows Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, right?

The New York Post reported:


It’s JDate for the Muslim singles set.

An accused al Qaeda terrorist is claiming he’s a lover, not a bomber — and that a trove of incriminating online chats were actually just part of his quest to find a soul mate on Islamic marriage sites including “”

“I met quite a few girls on there who I contacted with a view to marriage,” alleged al Qaeda jihadist Abid Naseer explains, in new court papers, of the hours he spent online using nine email accounts.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors say Naseer was an operative in the UK branch of the same terror cell that plotted to bomb the New York City subway in 2009. They say Naseer’s online communications about marriage were actually thinly coded terror plottings with fellow al Qaeda conspirators.

In one example, Naseer wrote in emails of a “party” to be held in Manchester in April 2009 — on what UK officials charged was the date for a thwarted bomb plot in that UK city.

“My reference to holding a huge party and trying to include as many as possible was referring to the intended wedding,” Naseer insisted.

And those times when he was actually chatting online with men, or under assumed names — even female names?

Muslim men often pretend to be women when trolling chat sites for potential wives, Naseer explained.

Maybe he was just a freak trolling for dudes?
It actually sounds like a good defense.

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