World Elites Fly 1,700 Private Jets to Davos for Global Warming Talks

burning earth

The annual World Economic Forum will meet this week in Davos, Switzerland.
The elites will brainstorm on solutions to global risks such as global warming junk science.
The New Scientist reported

Emerging threats to humanity will be on the agenda when the world’s political and business leaders meet in Davos, Switzerland, this week.
The 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum aims to find solutions for global risks – including environmental challenges and those posed by new technologies.
[…] “Past warnings of potential environmental catastrophes have begun to be borne out,” the report concludes, criticising failures to adapt to climate change and tackle the growing demand for limited freshwater resources.
[…] The meeting begins in Davos tomorrow, just days after we learned that 2014 was globally the hottest year on record. Failure to adapt to climate change came fifth on the WEF report’s list of risks ranked by their potential impact on humankind.

1,700 private jets are expected to descend on Davos for the climate talks.
Via Michelle Malkin:

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