VIDEO: Police Bombarded With Fireworks – Flee Muslim Ghetto in Sweden

police attacked

Caught on Tape:
A police car was attacked with rockets and fireworks in Gothenburg, Sweden.

10 News DK reported:

The video is recorded in Biskopsgården area in Gothenburg on the day before New Years Eve.

Both New Year’s Eve and the night before there was an unsettled atmosphere in Biskopsgården. Several cars were set on fire and when police and fire services arrived to put out the fires they were met by gangs throwing firecrackers and firing rockets at them.

A mosque fire in Malmö in 2003 – started by a rivalling Muslim faction within the mosque – is usually referred to as the first time that Swedish firefighters were attacked.

Since then, it has become increasingly common for immigrant gangs to attack police, firefighters, and sometimes even ambulance personnel.

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