Vandals Cut Anti-Lock Brake Lines in Houston Police Cruiser (Video)

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Vandals cut the anti-lock braking system of a Houston police cruiser this week. In a separate incident another police officer was shot at outside a the Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center.

ABC13 reported, via The Right Scoop:

Law enforcement officers across our area are being warned to watch out after a patrol car was sabotaged and two officers were shot at in two separate incidents.

On this busy New Year’s Eve, personal safety has been emphasized as much as public safety.

The Harris County Precinct 7 Constable’s Office confirmed one of its cars was sabotaged. The attack was on a sergeant’s take-home marked unit. He noticed a warning light and when he took it in for repair, a county technician discovered someone had intentionally cut the car’s anti-lock braking system. Left undetected in an emergency, it could have been disastrous. An investigation is underway.

Additionally, a Harris County Sheriff’s Office sergeant believes he was shot at. That officer was working his second job at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center when he heard a gunshot in the parking lot outside the emergency room. We’re told when he went to check it out, he saw a man fire two more shots out of a SUV toward his patrol unit.

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