#TaxRevolt: Learn From The Blueprint Of Our Founders

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

A new year is upon us, and time to consider new options, including stepping outside of our comfort zone as the founders of this great nation once did. Time to pressure the wrong people to do the right thing:

REPEAL OBAMACARE—and if Obama veto’s a repeal bill—then pressure representatives to override the VETO. The time has also come to consider and plan a nationwide tax revolt as added pressure to give teeth to the idea of no taxation without representation.


Despite the below audio flaws (skips around the halfway mark), the overall message is perfect fuel as inspiration:

Now consider this sample email notice below on what to expect for filing 2014 taxes which includes new Obamacare painful rules against the liberty of this nation’s citizenry and its job creators.


Similar to many American citizens, I can no longer afford insurance, thus pay out of pocket as the need arises and negotiate with doctors using cash as an incentive for discounts. And it goes against everything this country stands for to PAY ANY PENALTY AMOUNT to Obama’s IRS to fund Obama’s redistribution of wealth to his Islamic buddies in Iran and Syria, or any other immoral funding of Obama’s bureaucracies that ultimately rule against us. In addition, we should refuse to log onto any exchange for the joy of giving away personal information to some bureaucracy criminal moonbat for the purposes of assessing our financial well-being while collecting the data to use against us in another fashion.

The time is right for a #TaxRevolt. Starve the beast and deprive them of the power to grow and enslave us any further. The general outline of a #TaxRevolt would include the first step—for anyone relying on a paycheck—to change the number of dependents to the maximum number allowed—to minimize withholding taxes to as close to zero as possible. It would be nice if we could actually claim the 5 million illegals as dependents—or whatever the current real number of illegals might be—since they will be leeching off of our income as a newly created dependent class. When it comes time to file taxes, refuse to do so, they can’t arrest us all if we organize it as a nationwide event. An alternative idea would be to legally change our names to Al Sharpton to avoid paying taxes without notice from the IRS.

Think of the power transferred back to “We The People” if this is organized nationally and properly. It’s time for citizens, businesses, religious organizations, and Tea Party groups—after all, the acronym “TEA” stands for “Taxed Enough Already”—to join in a #TaxRevolt. Time to reassert the essence of freedom and force the shrinking of government. If we succumb to this form of tyranny without rebellion, there will be no walking it back. Government will learn the lesson that they can get away with it—and will expand their power grab. The more brain power we tap into for this idea… the more power the idea has to take firm hold.

Also recommend taking the time to read an outstanding article outlining a similar idea here: Starving the beast: Can a tax revolt save America?

We’re not alone on the idea. Cato posted an article here on how the last election was in essence a tax revolt trend… and there are Facebook pages dedicated to the idea as well. For added inspiration, take the time to listen to the telling of American Revolution history from Mark Levin. Learn from the blueprint of the nation’s founding as inspiration to apply it to modern day times.

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