VIDEO>>> Radical Judge Runs from PT Reporter After She Is Confronted on Outrageous Record

With violent crime on the rise in the St. Louis area some of the blame has recently been directed toward local judges who are so lenient that they border on being pro-crime.
These Judges are so out of control that St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said he’d love to “put out a list” of the Judges he thought were making the problem worse.   Chief Dotson did not make that list. However, with a little investigation you can find the Judges who seem to give probation no matter what the crime.
Recently local radio and TV host Jamie Allman investigated and exposed one of these radical judges on his show. – 22nd Circuit St. Louis Judge Margaret Neill.
On Tuesday The Allman Report (5 and 10 pm ABC-30 in St. Louis) told us about Judge Margaret Neill and the case of Deandre Nutall.

Nutall fled from police in a vehicle, crashed that vehicle, ran from police on foot, fought with arresting officers, was in possession of a felony amount of weed and a hand gun with a 30-round extended magazine.  

His punishment from Judge Neill?…  PROBATION. (see below document) — Not one day in jail. This is typical for Judge Neill.


After watching the report and hearing Jamie say they have had no luck getting a response from Judge Neill on why she would give such a ridiculous sentence, I took it upon myself to ask her.

Judge Neill hid from me behind a doorway and eventually had her bailiff remove me from her courtroom. (see Video Below)

As you saw Judge Neill had no interest in being exposed for what she is – part of the problem. And she’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the revolving doors of our court system.

Hopefully fear of exposure will force these ultra-liberal adjudicators to do their jobs in the future as more people wake up to our Judge problem in St. Louis.

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