Seriously? Group Uses ISIS Hostage Kenji Soto Video to Promote Its Gay Website

On Tuesday Japanese hostage Kenji Goto appeared in a new ISIS video.
In the video Kenji says,

“I have only 24 hours to live.”

On Saturday Goto appeared in video holding a photo of his beheaded colleague Haruna Yukawa.
Untitledkenji goto video
Kenji Goto is holding a photo of the captured Jordanian pilot Lt. Kasasbeh in the latest ISIS video.

In reaction to this…
Born This Way took the news and used it to promote its website.
They included this video – which has nothing to do with Kenji’s horrible situation.
born this way


Kenji is about to be beheaded and you’re promoting your website?
I don’t have anything against your website, but… Seriously?

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