Selma Police Release Video of Fatal Police Shooting of Ax-Wielding Black Man

This week Selma, Alabama police released a video recording of a fatal police shooting of an ax-wielding Black man that happened in December 2013.

(Viewer discretion advised: Video includes the deadly shooting and aftermath.)

Complete video here from The Selma Times-Journal on Vimeo

Excerpts of the video are included in a report from WSFA-TV Montgomery Alabama news.

The video was made public at the request of the man’s family which disputes findings by a grand jury and the Alabama Bureau of Investigation that the shooting was justified according to the Selma Times-Times Journal. Shaw’s family viewed the video before it was released to the public.

A protest was held in Selma last month demanding release of the video of the shooting which protesters compared to the recent deaths of two Black criminals while resisting arrest in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. The officer who shot Shaw is Black so no race card was able to be played but organizers still tried to make it about race.

“Selma, said (Faya Rose) Toure, has come a long way since then, but black people are not yet free of injustices.

“”Even to this day, we are suffering from the inferiority complex stemming from days of slavery,” she said. “It’s not just about color. It’s about a mindset.””

Ananias Shaw, a 74 year old mentally unstable Black man was the subject of a police call to a Selma Church’s Chicken on December 4, 2013. Shaw was known to the police as a disturbed but generally non-violent man according to his family.

Shaw had left the Church’s Chicken by the time police arrived. He was found in a nearby abandoned building by an officer who went in the building after him. Shaw exited the building carrying an ax.

Shaw refused numerous orders to drop the ax. He swore at officers and called them the n-word. Shaw walked away carrying the ax in his right hand.

Several Black police officers followed Shaw including the officer wearing the lapel camera who can be seen with his gun in firing position.

Officers continued to order him to drop the ax but Shaw refused.

At about 3:40 in the video Shaw turned around and charged the officer yelling, “Shoot it!”

The officer fired one shot as Shaw closed in on him. Shaw instantly collapsed and is not seen moving on the ground. Apparently the single shot killed him instantly.

While not intending to, the video bolsters the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who claimed that Michael Brown charged him causing Wilson to open fire on Brown.

While some may question that someone would charge a police officer who was holding a gun in firing position the Selma video proves it does happen.

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