Rise of the Radical Left: National Socialist Petitions To Run For Mayor In Indiana

DDN National Socialist (Nazi) Dale Duncan in 2013. (Image Screenshot)

With the continued rise of Socialism around the world, and anti-semitism in Europe, the appearance of a self-described Nazi running for Mayor in an American town should be a cause for concern.

The Elkhart Truth reports that National Socialist, Dale Duncan, is petitioning to run for Mayor in Elkhart, Indiana:


A National Socialist who believes in the separation of races is petitioning to run for mayor of Elkhart.

Dale Duncan said Thursday, Jan. 15, that he’ll be seeking sufficient signatures to get on the November ballot as a representative of theNational Socialist Movement. The Detroit-based group describes itself as a white nationalist organization, while the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national civil rights group, calls it a neo-Nazi group “notable for its violent anti-Jewish rhetoric, its racist views.”

“I’m fighting for the white race, yes, but I’m not against other races,” said Duncan, 60, who’s unemployed and relies on Social Security disability payments. He was vague on his vision if elected but singled out the education system, saying it “needs to be redone.”

In 2013, Dale Duncan caused a debate in his apartment complex about the right for renters to hang flags on their balcony after he displayed the Nazi flag (Video Below):

Mr. Duncan needs 171 signatures in order for his name to appear on the ballot and has till June 30th to complete the task.

Communists in the White House, Socialists in Congress, and possibly, coming soon to Elkhart, Indiana, Nazis in the Mayor’s office.

With the Rise of the radical Left it is becoming all too clear that this is no longer the United States of our Forefathers, the land of the free, but instead is quickly becoming the land of Marx, Stalin, and Hitler…the land of collective totalitarianism.



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