FEMALE HOSTAGE TAKER BOUMEDDIENE Is Still At Large …Update: Islamist Lovers

muslim love
Dead terrorist Amedy Coulibaly and his Muslim bride Hayat Boumeddiene

What a peach.

Hostage taker Hayat Boumeddiene is still at large in Paris.
wanted terrorist


She reportedly escaped the market attack today.
Amedy Coulibaly was killed by police when they stormed the market to rescue the hostages.

Boumeddiene blended in with in with escaping hostages.

26-year-old Hayat Boumedddiene escapes in chaos of supermarket hostage police raid. Terror suspect Hayat Boumeddiene is still at-large, escaping the Kosher supermarket hostage scene.

The Daily Mail has more on the terrorist wife.

The couple were never married in a civil ceremony – the only marriage legally accepted in France.

While Coulibaly had a well documented track record, Boumeddiene tonight remains a shadowy figure.

But it’s becoming clear that the one-time cashier was radicalised after meeting the man she would marry.

She told police who interviewed her as part of their inquiries into Coulibaly’s murky dealings with Islamic extremists that she had walked away from a job as a cashier in 2009 and taken the veil.

‘When I saw the massacre of the innocents in Palestine, in Iraq, in Chetchna, in Afghanistan or anywhere the Americans sent their bombers, all that…well, who are the terrorists?’

She added that when Americans killed innocents, it was the right of men to defend their women and children.

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