Islamists Tweet Out #JeSuisKouachi in Support of Charlie Hebdo Killers

In response to the #JeSuisCharlie twitter campaign in support of freedom of speech Islamists are tweeting out #JeSuisKouachi in support of the Charlie Hebdo mass murdering Islamist brothers.
je suis kouachi
“I Am Kouachi”

“Us real Muslims don’t hate them rather we’re jealous of them. #YesInMyName #JeSuisKouachi”

“*(We)all are equals *(We) all are, and everything is
a Single Everlasting Entity.*(We=1= ∞) #JeSuisKouachi”

“I can’t wait until I kill my first Daesh :)) #JeSuisKouachi”

“May Allah SWT accept those brothers as martyrs. To achieve shahadah on such a blessed day. Subhan Allah. #JeSuisKouachi”

“The Prophet ﷺ was shown the beautiful palace of the shuhada in Paradise on the night of Meraj >

“@CNN It’s like someone begging to be killed, Ok, just don’t start crying when they get shot to pieces. #JeSuisKouachi”

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