Radical Black Group Plans to Disrupt Super Bowl in Phoenix Over Perceived Injustices (Video)

An Arizona group “Blacks Lives Matter” plan to disrupt Super Bowl activities in Phoenix this year.

The group believes there is a problem nationally with police and minority communities so they’re going to protest the Super Bowl. That’s the new reality in Obama’s America.

The group is led by a former Democratic candidate for Congress.


Arizona Central reported:

On Tuesday local organizers concerned with confrontations between the police and the Black community announced plans to use the Super Bowl as a platform.

In a press release preceding a press conference the group writes: “As the Nation counts down to Super Bowl XLIX, Arizona’s Black community announces a new campaign incorporating the national theme ‘Black Lives Matter: Addressing The Violence Of Systemic Racism in America and Arizona.’ Black leaders and activists in Phoenix, Arizona have organized to monitor and document police misconduct and brutality across the country as the nation continues its ‘business as usual’ attitude of distraction and sport.”

One of the organizing group’s leaders, Rev. Jarrett Maupin, says in the release, “We are challenging Arizona’s moral and social status quo. As long as the status quo allows others to perpetrate the violence of systemic racism on Black people, we will not be silent or immobile.”

There is a problem nationally between law enforcement and the minority community. But I don’t believe “the status quo allows others to perpetrate the violence of systemic racism on Black people.” Does it happen? Yes. Is it the “status quo?” No.

Still, it’s a conversation we must have, so I had one with Rev Maupin.

“Look,” he said. “We know the Super Bowl is coming. And we’re not going to stop it. And I’m not certain it should be stopped, but I’ve talked to some folks from the NFL players union and others and they agree that we need to have a national dialogue. Not just on racial profiling or the bad things police do, but just in general we need a mature, nationwide conversation on these problems we’re having.”

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