Portland Teachers Given Credit for Watching Racist “WHITELANDIA” Film

10565179_1509891702562272_6966560993117846666_nTeachers get credit for watching the new documentary “Whitelandia“, which explores the “history of state sanctioned discrimination against Black Americans in Oregon and how that discrimination continues to be a destructive force today. The film leaves us to speculate whether Oregon’s original goal of establishing a white homeland may well be close at hand.”

Producers Matt Zodrow and Tracy MacDonald held a forum regarding the film in Portland on January 22nd, 2015, at an event held at the Portland Public Schools (PPS) building. Citizen journalist Daylight Disinfectant was there to document the discussion surrounding the gala, and was harassed by one Lolenzo Poe, who is the “chief equity officer” for PPS. There was some objection over the fact that the event was being filmed. Eventually Mr. Po and the others realized it was a public event in a public building, and they could not stop someone from filming it.

vlcsnap-2015-01-25-15h08m43s174The panel discussion featured such quotes as “Hey White People, sit with this discomfort of holding this privilege and power because you do” from MacDonald. Dr. Calvin Henry says that “The education system was not truly designed for black Americans. It’s to hold us in a place where we should not gain very much.” and refers to the “White Republican party“. Carolyn Leonard, retired PPS admin is concerned that there apparently aren’t enough black crane operators in Portland.


Turns out there has been a lot more controversy surrounding the film, as several of the area’s black leaders refused to take part in it, due to the producers using footage from YouTube without consent of Walidah Imarisha. Nonetheless, black leaders such as JoAnn Hardesty took part in it. Ms. Hardesty was one of the protest organizers during the area’s Trayvon Martin protests and marches. School teacher and devout marxist Mic Crenshaw is also featured in the film. Mr. Crenshaw performs hip hop as well, and such lyrics include “I’m goin’ in, like a shank to the pancreas” while saying “We need to get passed capital and private property” and encourages people to “occupy property and block the streets.”

Teachers who attended this forum get a certificate “In recognition of your participation in Focus on Diversity Series”

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