New York State Confiscates Retired Cop’s Guns After He Seeks Help for Insomnia

A retired police officer is suing New York Governor Cuomo, Eastern Long Island Hospital and a number of state officials after the government confiscated his guns.
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The state seized the man’s guns after he sought help for insomnia.
FOX News reported, via MenRec:

Montgomery was the owner of four guns — a Colt .38 handgun, a Derringer .38, a Glock 26 9-mm. and a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380.

His troubles started when he visited a Long Island hospital in May complaining of insomnia. He was discharged with a diagnosis of “depression, insomnia” and then returned a short time later for a 48-hour stay. The lawsuit says that during that visit, staff erroneously listed him as an “involuntary admission,” triggering the SAFE Act reporting provision. Those deemed at-risk for owning guns by mental health professionals have to be reported and their names entered into a database.

The lawsuit claims Montgomery should not have been reported because he was not a threat to himself or others. The suit says a hospital psychiatrist told him “You don’t belong here” and “I don’t know why you were referred here.”

The Daily Caller reports that on May 30, a week after his hospital stay, Suffolk County sheriff’s deputies confiscated Montgomery’s guns. His pistol license was then suspended in June and revoked three months later.

Here’s a copy of the full lawsuit against Governor Cuomo, via BizPac Review.


Montgomery v. Cuomo

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