MSNBC: Hey, We Need To Respect Murdering Islamist-Fascist Thugs

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Should we also respect NAZI’s? Respect is not a RIGHT… it needs to be EARNED through actions and clearly ISLAM DOES NOT DESERVE ONE OUNCE OF RESPECTAny pokes in the eye are WELL DESERVED.

Hat Tip JihadWatch who provides the transcript as follows:


I think we need to understand here, there, there has to be the ability for people to be critical of other religions, of other ideas and whatnot. There has to be that ability. At the same time, look, we have to also respect Islam and we should not deliberately go out and poke our fingers in other people’s eyes, you know? There is — everyone should have the right to critique Islam, but at least we should do it with some sense of respect so that people don’t get the idea that this is Islamophobia, that it’s racism, that this is exactly the same kind of critique or analysis that we would apply to Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, any other philosophy out there, that look, it’s worthy of critique and debate.

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Islam is a political ideology disguised as a religion, similar to another political ideology: Nazism

This religious comparison to legitimize Islam on the same plane as Judaic/Christian principles needs to stop. By allowing Islam to be viewed as a religion rather than a political ideology opens the door to allow CAIR, MSA, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Islamic organizations to shield Islam by using America’s own religious freedoms against us while they dig in deeper in the goal to destroy America. Again, let me make the comparison and ask, would we defend Nazism to be protected under constitutional religious freedom rights?

As a perfect compliment to counter the MSNBC Moonbat plea for respect, a flashback response by Brigitte Gabriel on the false narrative of “Peaceful Moderate Muslims”…

Another MUST SEE VIDEO from David Wood on the 3 stages of Jihad should not be overlooked, and passed around to educate friends, neighbors, and family members on the real message taught by the Qu’ran.

Islam needs to be mocked, and mocked often:

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