More Lies… Obama White House Says Only 6.8% of Gitmo Detainees Have Returned to Terrorism

In December Barack Obama sent a nuclear terrorist back to Afghanistan.
mohammad zahir
Former Gitmo detainee Mohammad Zahir was in possession of uranium for use in making an atomic bomb when he was captured.

Lahcen Ikassrien sued the Ministry of Justice and demanded 784,367 euros in damages for the four years of stay in Gitmo and the 374 days of detention suffered in Spain once delivered, tried and acquitted. Lahcen was later arrested for recruiting for ISIS.

According to a 2010 report, at least 150 former Gitmo detainees have returned to terror after their release.


A report released by the House Armed Services subcommittee in 2012 revealed that 27% of Gitmo detainees return to a life of terror after their release.

This week the Obama administration insisted that only 6.8% of released detainees have returned to terrorism or “wrongdoing.”
Roll Call reported:

Sloan said the number of released detainees who have “subsequently engaged in wrongdoing” is about 6.8 percent.

“That means well over 90 percent of those who have been transferred in this administration after going through that process, not only are not confirmed to have engaged in wrongdoing, they’re not even suspected of engaging in any wrongdoing. It’s a very thorough process,” he said.

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, meanwhile, reiterated his support for closing the detention facility, though he acknowledged that some of the remaining prisoners are too dangerous to release.

“I’ve been in the group that believes that it’s in our national interests to quote — to close Guantánamo,” Dempsey said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“It does create a psychological scar on our national values, Whether it should or not, it does,” he added. “What I’ve also said quite clearly is there are some of these detainees, in particular, this kind of conflict over a protracted period, that simply should not be released. We’re going to come to a point, though, where we’ve got dozens of these individuals who just have to be detained. And we’ve got to figure that out.”

When pressed for what should be done with those prisoners, Dempsey said he would defer to political leaders.

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