MIT Climate Scientist: “To Accept Guidance from ‘Socialist’ Bernie Sanders Is Ludicrous”


On Tuesday, Senator, and well known Socialist, Bernie Sanders added an amendment to the Keystone XL pipeline bill stating that the U.S. Senate recognizes that man-made Climate Change is real.

According to The Daily Caller, early Wednesday, top MIT Climate Scientist, Richard Lindzen, stated that for the U.S. Senate to take guidance from the “Socialist” Bernie Sanders was “ludicrous”:


“MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen slammed this week’s amendment introduced by Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders that would make it the official position of the Senate that man-made global warming is real and a threat.

“Lindzen said Sanders’s amendment to a bill that approves the Keystone XL pipeline an “attempt to hijack science for political purposes.

“Climate change is of course real; change being the normal state of affairs in climate,” Lindzen told Climate Depot. “Climate change has caused catastrophic problems on occasion throughout the earth’s history. While man may have contributed somewhat to climate change in recent years, his contribution to the above is highly questionable, and continues to be debated.”

“In the case of Bernie Sanders, a socialist, he is undoubtedly dreaming about nationalizing the energy industry,” Lindzen said. “For the U.S. Senate to accept guidance from Sanders’ bizarre dreams is ludicrous.”

As if to prove Dr. Lindzen’s statement true, later Wednesday, Senator Sanders said that it was a good idea for President Obama to veto the Keystone pipeline bill, because the pipeline will make our planet “significantly less habitable”.

Sadly, while Senator Sanders has apparently bought lock, stock and barrel into dangers of the “ludicrous” fiction that is man-made Climate Change, he has yet to realize the dangers of Marxist collectivism and its ability to make people “significantly less” free.




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