Liberal Reporters BLAST Obama For Snubbing French at Their #JeSuisCharlie Freedom March

As The Gateway Pundit (and everyone else) reported President Barack Obama snubbed the Je Suis Charlie march held in Paris on Sunday that was attended by dozens of world leaders.

march paris
The US was represented by the ambassador.

Reporters took to Twitter to voice their sharp criticisms or questions of judgment regarding the failure of Obama to attend or at least send a high level representative to the march.

First the Obama spin as reported by Evan McMorris-Santoro of Buzzfeed:

“Asked about online criticism about lack of WH attendance at Paris rally today, admin official noted to me US Amb to France was there…(1/2)”

“…and also noted Holder/Mayorkas appearance at ministerial mtgs. Admin in touch with French on min-to-min basis, admin official said. (2/2)”

Then the opinion of reporters:

Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic: “It would have been nice to see the country whose birth was midwifed by France send its leader to stand with France today.”

Fareed Zakaria, CNN: “Why no U.S. leader at Paris rally? Isn’t this why God invented vice presidents?”

Greta Van Susteren, Fox News: “@ron_fournier @AmPowerBlog you and I usually agree but not on this:I wanted my Pres there representing me”

And: “the next time we want French help,they will remember if we mourned with them, stood with them @ron_fournier”

Jack Moore, International Business Times, UK: “French President Jacque Chirac was one of first foreign leaders to visit White House after 9/11. Why was Barack Obama absent at #ParisMarch?”

Simon Schama, BBC Presenter: “Actually, on US (non)representation in Paris: insulting abysmal complacent indifference to meaning of the day. Should be huge row.”

A French citizen responded to Schama: “Sad! All my colleagues & friends here are talking about that! Some do seem hurt by that!”

Laura Rozen, Al Monitor gave her opinion, that of her mid-western mother and also reported on Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s respective schedules:

“+1 RT @mtomasky: @TheCorollary @lrozen just my opinion, but extraordinary event; it’s our fight too. I, as a citizen, feel underrepresented”

“My mother in KC says was watching Paris unity rally from 6am, woke up my father wondering why US leader not there.”

“@JJGomez127 @thomaswright08 @JamesFallows biden in delaware. White house pool caled travel lid for Obama both days before noon”

Joe Trippi, Democrat advisor and Fox News contributor: “@JamesFallows @JeffreyGoldberg I agree about POTUS. But do not understand Biden or Kerry.”

James Fallows of the Atlantic was one of the few in media to defend Obama:

“1) I’m getting this right-wing meme on Paris: ‘Where’s Obama? He doesn’t care!” Reality: security footprint for outdoor showing by any POTUS”

“2) would have totally changed nature of event, made it “all about him.””

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