Knock-Out Attack at St. Louis Metrolink Station (Video)

A St. Louis man was attacked by strangers at a Metrolink station near the Galleria mall in early January.
Two men approached the man and smacked him in the face – just for the hell of it – then ran away.

KMOV reported:

Police said a man was assaulted by two men near the Galleria Metro Link Station Richmond Heights in early January.

According to police, the incident occurred around 9:00 p.m. January 10. Police said the man was walking along Galleria Parkway near I-170 when came across a group of men, before two men in the group him approached him and punched him in the face. The men then fled.

The victim suffered minor injuries and refused medical attention. Many Galleria customers told News 4 they generally feel safe in and around the mall.

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