Not a Joke….. Obama to Be Interviewed by GloZell

Barack Obama is going to be interviewed by GloZell Green.

GloZell made it big on YouTube with this video…
The Cinnamon Challenge … by GloZell and her Big Behind Earrings

Here’s another video of GloZell in action.
GloZell Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge–


Maybe he’ll do the cinnamon challenge?

The Daily Mail reported:

After his State Of The Union address on Tuesday, the POTUS has confirmed, he will sit down for interviews with three YouTube stars – including GloZell.

The Los Angeles-based vlogger, who characteristically wears green lipstick, starts each video with ‘Hello this is GloZell! Is you ok? Is you? Good, ’cause I wanted to know!’

Most clips, which last around two to seven minutes on average, usually proceed to feature a musical parody or a food-related challenge.

Obama will hold interviews with GloZell, Bethany Mota and Hank Green.
obama youtube stars

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