John Kerry Compares Muslims in Europe to Blacks During Segregation

Reality is such a difficult challenge for liberal progressives.
John Kerry told the Davos crowd Friday that violent extremism is not Islamic.

Threre have been 24,926 deadly Muslim attacks since the 9-11 terrorist attacks on America.
24,000. But the left still holds on to the fantasy that extremism is not Islamic.
It’s “all religions.”

Kerry went on to compare radical European Muslims to blacks during segregation.
Via The Weekly Standard:


One question from a French reporter concerned problems with Muslim integration in Europe and the potential terrorism ramifications.

Kerry responded by recalling his days as a college student in the 1960s during the civil rights era and the consequent sensitivity of his generation to “this question of minority and rights and integration and so forth.” After explaining that although the U.S. has made “unbelievable progress” on race-related matters, “we still have some distance to travel.” Eventually, Kerry stressed that “this particular incident of violence [terror attack in Paris] wasn’t a specific targeting that grew out of that [lack of integration]”; however, he said, there is work to do where “one minority or another or another is not able to share fully in the full integration” in the country where they live.

The Weekly Standard has more.

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