VIDEO>>> Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Appears in New ISIS Video: “I Have Less Than 24 Hours to Live”

Japanese hostage Kenji Goto appeared in a new ISIS video today.
In the video Kenji says,

“I have only 24 hours to live.”

On Saturday Goto appeared in video holding a photo of his beheaded colleague Haruna Yukawa.
Untitledkenji goto video
Today Kenji Goto is holding a photo of the captured Jordanian pilot Lt. Kasasbeh.

** Here is the latest ISIS video of Kenji Goto.
(In English)


In the video Goto also warns of the execution of the captured Jordanian pilot.

Lieutenant Kasasbeh, 27, from Karak Governorate, was captured by Islamic State militants when his plane came down near Raqqa, Syria on December 24.

In December ISIS released video and photos of the Jordanian pilot they reportedly captured after they shot down his plane.

This was the first coalition aircraft shot down by ISIS.

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