Israel Moves Tanks to Northern Border Following Hezbollah-Iranian Invasion Threats

Israel moved tanks to its northern border today following the Israeli attack in Syria this week.

Israel closed a road near Lebanon today fearing reprisal attacks from Hezbollah-Iran.

Iran and Hezbollah are planning an imminent invasion of Israel.
The Times of Israel reported:

Sources in Hezbollah said on Monday that retaliation for an alleged Israeli airstrike that killed several of its members was inevitable, but would be restrained enough to not provoke a war

The Lebanese daily As-Safir, which is identified with Hezbollah, cited sources close to the Shiite terror group as saying that it would choose a time and place to hit back, but would do so in a manner that wouldn’t cause an escalation in the conflict.

At least six Hezbollah members, including a senior commander, were killed in an Israeli helicopter strike in the Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday, according to sources close to the terror group.

Among the dead was Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Imad Mughniyeh, a senior Hezbollah commander killed in Damascus in 2008, allegedly by Israel. Jihad Mughniyeh had been serving as the Shi’ite terrorist group’s Golan District commander, Western sources said.

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