ISLAMIC HOUTHI REBELS Seize Presidential Palace in Yemeni Capital …(Obama’s Success Story)

houthi palace fight
Shiite Houthi rebels fired on the palace today. (Aljazeera)

Obama announced in September that Yemen was a foreign policy success story.

Houthi rebels seized the Presidential palace in Sanaa, Yemen today after a brief gun battle.


Al Arabiya reported:

Houthi fighters have entered Yemen’s presidential palace after brief clash with security, Al Arabiya correspondent in Sanaa reported.

Guards at the presidential palace housing the main office of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi told Reuters they handed over the compound to Houthi fighters after a brief clash.

Yemen’s information minister said the president’s house was under heavy shelling.

Given the alarming situation in Yemen, the U.N. Security Council decided to hold closed door consultations on Tuesday.

The meeting was requested by Britain following heavy clashes on Monday between Houthi rebels and government forces in the capital Sanaa.

John McCain took a swipe at Obama’s so-called anti-terror success story on Monday.

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