ISIS Prayer Leader: Muslims Should Kiss the Heads & Hands of Paris Killers (Video)

ISIS prayer leader Kamal Zarouq told mosque attendees that Muslims should kiss the heads and hands of the Paris killers.

This was after the Kouachi brothers murdered 12 people including a Muslim police officer in Paris.
hebdo shooters

MEMRI TV has the transcript:


Kamal Zarouq: All Muslims must kiss the head and hands of those who killed the journalists. All monotheists should kiss their hands. Those who condemn them are apostates, who renounced Islam and sold it out for a cheap price. Those who curse the Prophet Muhammad… As the Islamic State, it is a duty incumbent upon us to mobilize against the infidels and to avoid misdeeds and sin. It is a duty incumbent upon all our supporters who are able to bear arms to defend Islam and the Islamic nation.


Some people curse the Prophet Muhammad, yet there are people who do not want the Islamic nation to and kill them. According to the sacred texts, and by consensus of the Islamic scholars, those who curse the Prophet Muhammad should be killed, regardless of whether or not they repent. Those who curse the Prophet should be killed.

Let the entire world hear: Those who curse the Prophet Muhammad – If we do not kill them this year, we shall kill them next year. If we do not kill them next year, our sons, these young men, will kill them.


I bring you the glad tidings that France will be conquered, Allah willing. We will not boycott French products, as some wretched people have proposed. Allah willing, we shall chop off the head of France, with a sword that bears the words: “There is no god but Allah.”

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