India Pulls Nuke Missiles From Republic Day Parade Where Obama Was Guest of Honor

Guest post by Santosh Mishra

missile launchers
BrahMos cruise missile launchers at a parade rehearsal on Sunday.

India did not display its nuclear capable Agni-V missiles during the Republic Day parade Monday, where US President Barack Obama was the Chief Guest.


According to sources, the Indian government didn’t want to convey to the world that with its rising nuclear might it was trying to impress the US President. Agni-V is believed to have a range of 5,000 kilometers and critics say that it was China centric.

However, several Russian-made tanks rolled down the street including MiG-29Ks.
The Hindu reported:

“Nuclear-capable Agni missiles – a highlight for the past several years – were missing as U.S. President Barack Obama witnessed India’s military might and cultural diversity on what proved to be a rainy and cold 66th Republic Day.”

The same missile was not displayed during Republic Day 2014 parade. Then officials claimed that Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was extremely sensitive to the display of nuclear weapons.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes that the Republic Day Parade must be taken as a civilian parade showing cultural and social aspects of India.

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