In Your Face: Obama Blows By Phoenix VA Center Twice without Stopping

President Barack Obama twice passed right in front of the scandal-plagued Phoenix VA Center on Thursday without stopping.
Arizona Senator John McCain and veterans groups including Concerned Veterans for America had urged Obama to stop at the center.

An excerpt from CEO of CVA Pete Hegseth’s op-ed published Thursday in the Arizona Republic on Obama skipping visiting the VA:

“The president hasn’t visited a single VA hospital since The Arizona Republic first reported last April that the Phoenix VA had kept a secret wait-list for critically ill veterans, a despicable practice that, unfortunately, was not just employed in Phoenix.

“His presidential snub may seem like merely “bad optics” to some in Washington, but it will be seen as a slap in the face to both the neglected veterans who continue to wait for care, and their family members who have watched their loved ones suffer — and in some cases die — at the hands of this bloated and corrupt bureaucracy.”

Obama was in Phoenix as part of his pre-State of the Union address campaign to take attention away from the Republicans assuming power this week as the 114th Congress convened.

Obama did make time for a surprise photo-op in Phoenix to promote his agenda–but not veterans.

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