Hands Up! Catholic Crackpots Sign Petition Comparing Eric Garner to Jesus Christ

Hands Up!
Catholic theologians, parish workers and crackpots signed a petition this week calling attention to the killings of black men by police officers. (What about the white men?) The leftists also compare Eric Garner to Jesus Christ.
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Campus Reform reported:

More than 400 Catholic theologians have signed a “statement of commitment to racial justice” in response to the deaths of black Americans in confrontations with police officers.

Crafted by St. Louis University Professor of Theological Ethics Dr. Tobias Winright, the statement addresses “the flagrant failures of a nation still bound by sin, our bondage to and complicity in racial injustice.”

The eclectic group of theologians, who range from department chairs at the University of Notre Dame to local parish associates, claim they cannot “ignore what is happening in our midst.”

“The killings of Black [sic] men, women and children—including but not limited to Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, John Crawford, 7 year-old Aiyana Stanley-Jones and 12 year-old Tamir Rice—by White [sic] policemen, and the failures of the grand jury process to indict some of the police officers involved, brought to our attention not only problems in law enforcement today, but also deeper racial injustice in our nation, our communities, and even our churches,” the statement says.

The theologians went on to compare Eric Garner to Christ.

“As Eric Garner’s dying words ‘I can’t breathe’ are chanted in the streets, and as people of faith, we hear the echo of Jesus’ breathing on his disciples, telling them, ‘Peace be with you,’” the theologians wrote.

The group would rather support mob justice based on rumors and hearsay rather than a unbiased jury system.
God help us.

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