French Lawyer: The Cherif Kouachi I Know Does Not Sound Like Mass Murdering Islamist I’m Reading About

The former lawyer for terrorist killer Cherif Kouachi spoke with reporters today.
Said Kouachi and his brother Cherif Kouachi, along with teenager Hamyd Mourad, slaughtered 12 people at Charlie Hebdo headquarters on Wednesday.

Another female police officer was shot and killed later in the suburb of Montrouge yesterday afternoon.

Today Cherif’s former lawyer spoke with reporters.
The Local reported:


The former lawyer of shootingsuspect Cherif Kouachi has been speaking to the media this morning.

Vincent Ollivier had this to say:

“When he was younger he had no professional or personal projects in his life…After being jailed in 2008 he came out of prison less juvenile, but I wouldn’t say a religious extremist. During his trial he never evoked any extremist ideals.

“It’s for me to make the connection between the young man, who was almost a child, that I knew and the professional gunman that we say yesterday. The Cherif Kouachi that I knew does not correspond with the person that carried out the killings yesterday.

“My only advice to him is to turn himself in to French authorities.”

Cherif Kouachi was sentenced to three years in prison (with 18 months suspended) for trying to join ‘Al Qaeda In Iraq‘ back in 2008.
It sounds like this lawyer is stuck in some serious denial.

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