Former Democrat Candidate: “Radical Right-Wing Menace Has All The Heavy Weapons”

peaceful_revolution_by_blairexfabulous-d4c581n(Image Deviant Art)

The 2nd Amendment. While it was designed to be the last line of defense  against a tyrannical government, it inadvertently is also a deterrent for radical Progressives who wish to “fundamentally change” our Constitutional Republic.

Case in point.


In 1988 Progressive author, Bob Zimmerman, ran for a Hawaiian Congressional seat and was soundly defeated.

In 2015 Mr. Zimmerman has written a free “book” titled Common Sense. He modled it after the historic pamphlet written by Thomas Paine which shared the same title. But instead of embracing individual Liberty, Mr. Zimmerman uses the words of the Founders to push a centralized, Progressive form of government here in the United States.

In Mr. Zimmerman’s version of Common Sense he discusses taxes, the war on drugs, and how to crush the Radical-Right. Crushing rule #1: Don’t use violence because the Radical-Right will shoot the Progressives dead, since they are heavily armed:

How We Can Crush the Radical-Right-Wing Coalition Before
They Finish Crushing Us.

1. Never resort to violence. History has had its fill of violent revolutions. Some worked, others did not. In America today, the radical-right-wing menace controls all of the heavy weapons. Far better to be a living voter and protester than a dead martyr.

Not to question Mr.Zimmerman’s motives (I’m sure he is actually a peaceful man) but his statement above rings a little to close to what the Young Communist League stated back in 2011:

“we support all forms of revolution, which historically have included violent forms but only were they successful or lasting and positive when the circumstances had called for it”

It seems Progressives are all about Revolution, in one form or another, but only if it works.

So the lesson is be sure to Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. It not only helps dissuade tyrants, but wannabe Progressive tyrants as well.

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