Flashback: In 2008 Sunni Sheiks in Iraq Warned Obama About His “Hasty Plans for Retreat”

In the summer before the 2008 election Iraqi sheiks warned Obama about his hasty plans for retreat from the country.

Of course, most liberal media outlets did not report on this at the time.

Obama sips his tea in al Anbar as the brave sheiks from al-Anbar warn him of his dangerous plans for Iraq. (Reuters photo)

The Al-Anbar Sheiks warned Obama in June 2008 about his hasty plans for retreat.
The BBC reported:


In Anbar, Mr Obama met militiamen of the US-backed Awakening Councils movement – a tribal alliance whose members turned against al-Qaeda last year.

Ahmed Abu Risha, head of the Awakening Councils, said tribal chiefs had told Mr Obama at their meeting in Ramadi that any withdrawal of US forces from Anbar should be carried out cautiously.

Sunni sheik Ahmed Abu Risha, leader of the US-backed anti al-Qaida revolt in Anbar took over after his courageous brother was murdered by Al-Qaeda last year.

But Obama would not listen.
Today ISIS controls much of Anbar province in Iraq.
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