Ferguson Protester to Speak at Mike Brown’s Former High School

In October Jamal Bryant, from Baltimore, was arrested at a Ferguson street protest.
The arrest was planned.
Bryant and several other radicals were arrested for trying to stage a protest inside the Ferguson police station.
jamal bryant
Jamal Bryant’s mugshot.

Baltimore CBS Local reported:

What was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration landed Baltimore pastor Jamal Bryant in jail. He’s the latest to be arrested in Ferguson, a town battling unrest following the August police shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

“We said, `We’re here to see the police,’” said Bryant. “They never said, `Don’t take another step forward.’ We just said, `We’re coming in peace.”

Bryant says when he and other clergy attempted to enter the police station to pray with the chief, they were arrested.

Bryant is one of 19—including scholar and activist Cornel West—detained for assaulting officers.

Today Jamal Bryant tweeted out that he will speak at robber Mike Brown’s former high school.


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