Ferguson “Black People’s Grand Jury” Sports Communist Hats At Kangaroo Court Press Conference

Ferguson “Black People’s Grand Jury” Sport Communist Hats At Press Conference

The radical group held a “Kangaroo Court” this weekend on the Michael Brown shooting.
black jury
The group of black legal experts met to prove that mob justice is alive and well in Missouri.

On Monday they held a press conference and announce their decision.
They all wore communist fur hats.
black peoples jury
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The event was sponsored by a Socialist racist group, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. Which explains the commie hats.
commie hats

The “Black People’s Grand Jury” indicted Officer Darren Wilson today in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
FOX 2 reported on the indictment:

A ‘mock’ grand jury with no legal standing decides that former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson should have faced charges for shooting and killing Michael Brown.

The ‘Black People`s Grand Jury’ as it`s called announced its decision this morning in north St. Louis County.

12 people heard evidence from the Brown case over the weekend and decided 11 to one that Wilson should have been indicted for first degree murder.

Organizers accused Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch of stacking the case that was presented to the legal grand jury in a way that helped Wilson to be cleared.

More at Progressives Today.

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