Charlie Hebdo Killers Brandish Rocket Launcher- GAS STATION ROBBED- Female Police Officer Killed

A female police officer was shot dead in Montrouge yesterday during the search for the Charlie Hebdo killers.
brother terrorists
Police have identified the Charlie Hebdo Islamic killers as brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad.
The terrorists slaughtered 12 people Tuesday in Paris.

Hamyd Mourad reportedly turned himself in yesterday afternoon.

The female police officer was shot in the southern Paris suburb of Montrouge.
She later died from her injuries.
CBS News reported:


A third French police officer was gunned down Thursday south of Paris as the manhunt for two men suspected in the massacre at a satirical newspaper the day before appeared to hone in on its targets northeast of the French capital.

Interior Minister Berbard Cazeneuve said two people, including a police officer, were gravely wounded in the shooting Thursday in the southern Paris suburb of Montrouge, which came amid the ongoing manhunt for two heavily armed brothers — one with possible links to al Qaeda — suspected in the methodical killing of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper the day before.

The police officer shot Thursday, a woman, died in hospital of her injuries, a police union confirmed.

There were reports, meanwhile, that the French-Algerian brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, wanted in the Charlie Hebdo attack were surrounded by police in a building in Crepy-en-Valois, northeast of Paris.

An official at the town’s city hall told CBS News that for about an hour on Thursday she heard police sirens and saw helicopters flying overhead, but that everything had gone quiet since. There was no confirmation the Kouchais were there, but photos from the town showed a large police presence.

More… The Charlie Hebdo killers reportedly robbed an AVIA petrol station Thursday morning.

UPDATE: The brothers were spotted in Aisne. The brothers robbed the AVIA station in Aisne and were still carrying their weapons. The brothers are hooded and carrying Kalashnikovs.

UPDATE: The brothers are brandishing a rocket launcher.

More…. Jihadi flags and Molotov cocktails found in abandoned car.

Investigators have recovered a dozen Molotov cocktails and two jihadists flags in the abandoned car in Paris on Wednesday by the perpetrators of the attack against Charlie Hebdo, which killed 12 people, has-been learned Thursday source close to the matter. “This demonstrates one hand their Islamist radicalization and they may have planned other actions with these cocktails,” said this source. During their escape, the assailants left their vehicle, a Citroen C3, near the Buttes Chaumont park in the northeast of Paris, after colliding with a motorist.

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