FBI Investigating Oregon Gov Kitzhaber’s Shack-Up Honey

dt.common.streams.StreamServer.clsGovernor John Kitzhaber’s now-fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, is under investigation by the FBI for the kickbacks she’s received over the years, and the collusion between herself and the Governor’s office.

As reported in October by Nigel Jaques of the alternative paper Willamette Week, Ms. Hayes and Governor Kitzhaber have been engaging in unethical behaviors by blurring the line between their person lives and involving Hayes as an official advisor, using state resources for her own personal activities, and her consulting firm being awarded contracts.

The pair have lawyered up, while at the same time claiming they don’t know what’s going on.


This follows a separate FBI investigation from earlier in 2014, in which the Cover Oregon healthcare plan was accused of phonying documents in order to receive more federal funding.

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