FAIL: Poster Mocks American Sniper Bio-Pic of Navy SEAL as “Army Recruitment Video”

american sniper shiznit poster

The British site The Shiznit has an annual tradition of poking fun at Oscar nominated films by creating ‘truthful’ parody promotional posters.

This year’s version, entitled “If 2015’s Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth” goes after more than a dozen films, including American Sniper.

The parody lines on the poster read, “Guns. Lots of Guns. Army Recruitment Video. Republicans of America Approve this Message. Go USA!”


The subject of the film, Chris Kyle, was a Navy SEAL.

The UK newspaper The Independent called the American Sniper parody, “Spot on.”

“They range from spot-on (American Sniper) to quite clever (Birdman) to just plain mean (Boyhood). Here’s a selection of the best.”

The joke’s on the lib media with this parody.

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