Elizabeth Warren Says “No” To Running For President

121212085618-elizabeth-warren-monster (Image CNN)

Elizabeth Warren is known for two things.

1. For claiming that she’s Native American.


2. For denying that she is running for President.

During a recent interview with Fortune Magazine, Elizabeth Warren once again claims she is not running for President:

“In this conversation between the Massachusetts senator and Fortune Contributor and former FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair, a more business-friendly side of Warren emerges — and the final word on a White House run.

“…So are you going to run for President?


“What does the Democratic nominee need to do to win in 2016?

“They need to speak to America’s families about the economic crisis in this country. It starts with the recognition that Washington works for the rich and powerful and not for America’s families. From there, it has to go into what changes we need to make, and that gets back to education, infrastructure, and research.”

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