EIGHT DEAD & SIX CHURCHES TORCHED in Niger Charlie Hebdo Muslim Protests (Video)

There were protests in 20 Muslim countries this week.
Muslim mob torches Christian churches and businesses in Niger.
torch church niger
Protesters set Christian establishments on fire today at their anti-Charlie Hebdo rally.

Twitter translation: “Things go wrong in Zinder, Niger following Charlie Hebdo protest.”
Looks like it—

niger death protest
At least eight people were killed in the Muslim protests.

At least eight people were killed, five on Friday and three on Saturday, during Charlie Hebdo protests in Niger. Six Christian churches were torched in the Muslim rioting.

The BBC reported:

At least three people have been killed and six churches attacked in Niger amid fresh protests against French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Protests began outside Niamey’s grand mosque and reportedly spread to other parts of the country, a day after five were killed in Niger’s second city.

Niger’s president condemned the violence and appealed for calm.

Last week, Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo’s offices.

The cover of the magazine’s latest edition, published after the attack, featured a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad weeping while holding a sign saying “I am Charlie”.

church niger
Churches and French interests have been targeted in Niger – a former French colony. (BBC)

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