Downtown St. Paul Besieged By Racially Charged Mob Violence (VIDEO)

Downtown St. Paul has recently seen several racially charged mob attacks where the perpetrators are black youths and the victims are white pedestrians.
Recently an attack was caught on tape at a local restaurant.
youths attack

Several attacks have taken place since September.
KSTP reported:

Conservative Treehouse reported on the string of racial attacks – filling in the details for their readers.


A string of group [BLACK] attacks has taken place in downtown St. Paul in recent weeks. Last Monday, a 23-year-old [WHITE] man and his 56-year-old friend were brutally assaulted by six [BLACK] people in a skyway downtown near Cedar Street.

According to police, a restaurant near the new St. Paul Saints stadium was also rushed by a group of about nine [BLACK] people who started eating and drinking from the [WHITE] customers’ tables.

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained security video that showed a [BLACK] woman in the group suddenly throw a glass of water at another [WHITE] customer. Another [BLACK]man she was with grabbed a cell phone off the table, and then the entire group bolted out the door and down the street, police officials said.

Back in September, a St. Paul police sergeant emailed other officers informing them about a group of nearly 50 [BLACK] juveniles that attacked a [WHITE] juvenile female at the light rail platform near Fifth and Minnesota Street in St. Paul. In the email, the sergeant said the [WHITE] female was beaten unconscious and the fight spilled into a nearby hotel where the [BLACK] group then interrupted and assaulted a [WHITE] wedding party.

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