Denver Driver Who Ran Over 4 Cops at Mike Brown Protest Is Now Dodging Police (Video)

Christopher Antwan Booker, 41, hit and ran over four Denver police officers with his car while they were monitoring a Mike Brown student protest at East High School.

One police officer was hit and dragged underneath Booker’s car for 25 yards.

The students laughed and cheered when the officers were hit. They were marching during school hours from East high school to the state capital.
denver student march
Five hundred students joined in the march for robber Mike Brown.


Christopher Antwan Booker said he was suffering a seizure when he hit the officers with his car.

Now Booker is dodging cops and refusing to release all of his medical records to support his contention that he had a seizure when he accelerated and veered into the police officers.
Nine News reported:

The nine-year veteran of Denver Police is slowly recovering from his significant injuries suffered while doing crowd control for a large group of East High School students who had walked out to protest the Ferguson grand-jury decision.

But adding a complicated element to his recovery is the man who caused the wreck. Christopher Antwan Booker, 41, reportedly had a medical episode which caused him to run into multiple bicycle police officers, including Officer John Adsit who was the most significantly injured.

Now, officers can’t contact Booker, according to a recently filed search warrant.

Adsit has undergone multiple surgeries to repair fractured/crushed ribs with metal plating, a punctured lung, a severed artery in one leg and a broken femur with a metal rod in the other, a cracked pelvis, multiple breaks in his arm, hand and shoulders which have been plated, pinned and skin graft, removal of his spleen, internal bleeding, pneumonia, vision loss, fever and infection.

The wreck happened in the area of Colfax Avenue and High Street just after noon on Dec. 3, 2014.

Booker was driving a Mercedes westbound on Colfax Avenue and, according to witnesses, veered from the lane and hit the bike cops who were monitoring the Ferguson protest. Adsit got stuck underneath Booker’s car and was dragged about 25 yards before becoming dislodged. Booker’s car eventually came to a stop after hitting a parked car in a nearby parking lot.

At that point, police thought Booker was suffering from a seizure because he was “unresponsive to verbal commands,” according to the search warrant. He later told police he had no memory of being in the accident, police say.

When they took Booker to Denver Health Medical Center Emergency Room, the search warrant claims an officer there was “of the opinion that [Booker] was under the influence of something other than alcohol and was unable to operate a motor vehicle safely.”

Due to that officer’s conclusion, they withdrew blood from Booker.

Booker claimed he takes “medication for seizures” and had a seizure as recently as Nov. 14, 2014, the search warrant says.

Booker agreed to release his medical records to Denver Police, according to the search warrant. After realizing Booker’s primary care hospital was not Denver Health, police had to file similar paperwork with University of Colorado Hospital, according to the search warrant. However, University of Colorado Hospital claimed Booker had “sensitive information that [Booker] did not authorize [to release]” the search warrant claimed. University hospital officials said the standardized form used in all Denver Police investigations was not sufficient and needed to be resigned by Booker himself.

The search warrant claims police have tried multiple times to call Booker and have knocked on his door to try to get him to sign the additional form. He has not returned any of the police calls and did not answer the door when police came to his residence.

Now, a search warrant has been requested so police can get Booker’s medical records from University. That search warrant request was Dec. 14, 2014.

This case was always suspect – especially when you take into consideration that the driver only hit police officers with his car.

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