Danish Muslim Leader Sympathizes With Islamists After Charlie Hebdo Massacre

The head of the Danish Muslim group “Called to Islam” sympathized with the Islamists today after the Charlie Hebdo magazine massacre.

Abu Ubaydillah said he felt like all Muslims around the world who have felt offended by the Jyllands-Posten Mohammad cartoons.
mohammad cartoons
Jyllands-Posten and Charlie Hebdo published the Muhammad cartoons in 2005.

Jyllands-Posten reported (translated):


The head of the Danish branch of ‘Called to Islam, Abu Ubaydillah show its support on Facebook. But not for the victims.
Shortly after the devastating terrorist attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, was the controversial leader of the Islamic organization ‘Called to Islam, Abu Ubaydillah, at the keys.

First he hit a news article up on its profile, which showed that there were several dead during the shooting in France. He supplemented this notice with a happy smiley.

Shortly after he wrote the following on his profile:

“I want to use this posting to denounce all the drawings that Charlie Hebdo has taken out of our beloved prophet, and I feel with all the Muslims around the world who have felt offended by the cartoons,” he writes.

Abu Ubaydillah has been in the media spotlight when he threatened the President of the Danish Syrian Association, Mohammad mahfoud, that he be beheaded because he claimed he was disbelief.

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