Danish Cartoonist Westergaard Calls on Media to Not Give Up on Freedom of Speech

Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, the Danish caricaturist who came under attack from Islamists after he had drawn a caricature of the Prophet Mohamed with a bomb hidden in his Turban, weighed in on the Charlie Hebdo massacre today.

In 2006 Muslims went on a murderous rampage after this offensive cartoon was published in a Danish newspaper.

Over 100 people were murdered in the cartoon rioting.

Westergaard was forced into hiding after receiving numerous threats from Islamists.


In 2010 Danish police shot and wounded an axe-wielding Islamic Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist who entered the home of Danish Mohammad cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. The cartoonist was hiding in his “safe room” with his 5 year-old grandson during the break-in.

Today after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, he called on the media not to give up principles like freedom of speech.

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