Children’s Video Showing “Dancing Genitals” Criticized For Not Being Progressive Enough (Video)

Vid1One of the dancing female genitalia. (Censored Image screenshot)

For years the Progressive left has made the case that the United States should be more like Europe. From the way we consume oil, to our healthcare system, the Progressives are convinced that Europe does it better.

But I wonder what the American left would say about a recent article on the National Post, which reports that some on the European left are saying that a video, targeting children, consisting of dancing genitalia, isn’t quite Progressive enough:


“STOCKHOLM — In socially liberal Sweden, an educational video for children featuring dancing genitals has become an online hit — and even drawn criticism for not being progressive enough.

“The one-minute animated video by public broadcaster SVT, promoting a television series about the human body, has been seen by more than 4 million YouTube viewers.

“Producers say many parents found it a great way to explain about private parts to children, though some called it inappropriate for a program aimed at children aged 3-6.

Programming director Peter Bargee said Thursday the clip also drew “unexpected” criticism from some Swedes, who said portraying the penis with a moustache and the vagina with long eyelashes reinforced gender stereotypes.

Video below (Warning dancing, cartoon genitals).

So an ‘educational’ video targeting children which displays dancing genitalia isn’t Progressive enough since it doesn’t take the transgender community into account.


If this is the European Progressive left’s idea of decency, then they can keep it.

Along with any American Progressives who agree with them.

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