Charlie Hebdo Reporter Admits She Let Terrorists in Building – Then Hid Under Desk As Reporters Slaughtered

How awful.
corrine ray
Desperate: Corrine Rey, who’s a cartoonist for Charlie Hebdo, hid underneath a desk with her daughter to escape the terrorists who killed her colleagues. (Daily Mail)

Charlie Hebdo journalist Corrine Rey told reporters she let the terrorists into the building today. Then she hid under a desk with her young daughter as the massacre took place.
The Daily Mail reported, via Free Republic:

Corrine Rey and her daughter saw two other cartoonists being killed.

They threatened her into giving them entry code for the office building

She says men ‘who spoke perfect French’ claimed to be Al Qaeda terrorists.

Attackers were reportedly heard shouting: ‘the Prophet has been avenged’

The masked men asked people’s names before killing editor and cartoonist

‘There were several corpses on the floor,’ said office worker from building

He entered room right after attackers had gone to see ‘blood everywhere’

A young mother and cartoonist who survived the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris today said she had let the suspected Al Qaeda killers into the magazine office.

Corrine Rey said she had returned from picking up her young daughter from a kindergarten when she was confronted by two heavily armed men wearing balaclavas.

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