Brilliant! Chicago Rapper Films Himself Looting 7-11 in Latest Video – Gets Arrested (VIDEO)

Rapper films himself looting store – Gets arrested.
vonmar 711

Chicago rapper VonMar filmed himself looting a 7-11 on New Year’s Day and posted it online.

Now he faces charges of felony retail theft and misdemeanor damage of property.


Here’s the video…
(Warning on Language, Stupidity)

DNA Info reported:

A local rapper and Internet prankster who filmed himself and some cohorts trashing a Gold Coast 7-Eleven on New Year’s Day is now facing charges for the damage they caused.

Delvon Irving, also known as VonMar, appeared in court Friday, where he faced charges of felony retail theft and misdemeanor damage property.

Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti told Judge Adam Bourgeois Irving posted a video of the 7-Eleven prank – in which he and another man leapt upon a rack of merchandise and went behind the counter, attempting to use a cash register, before fleeing with a coffee urn – on YouTube. He also posted two additional videos of himself in taxis, which helped police find him, she said.

VonMar also posted a selfie video of himself smoking a blunt in a convenience store.

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